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Designing Monitoring Scripts

When users require even lower level control of the system, manually writing Lua scripts becomes essential. Most problems can be expressed as a number of loops containing conditional tests, and acting based on the state of components. We refer to these as Just Macro Monitoring Scripts, and many examples are available to download in the […]

Using the Record Macro Functionality

Where more changes to the mixer than a simple snapshot can provide are required, or sequences of actions need to be played back multiple times, Recording Macros can be a useful technique. Start By selecting the Record Button displayed just below the ASSIGN button. As changes are made to the Mixer, either using Blackmagic design […]

Setting up XKeys Panels

Whereas the main JustMacros screen allows scripts to be written for virtually any purpose at all. JustMacros also endeavours to meet the needs of those users who do not intend to write any scripts at all. For example, a user who wishes to create a simple Programme / Preview Cut panel, can create an entire […]

Using Snapshots

Snapshots are similar to EMEMs on Grass Valley mixers, and similar to the features introduced in version 4 of the ATEM control software, regarding saving and recalling configurations on the ATEMs from the software. Users can setup Keys or transitions or the SuperSource the way they want it to look. Then right mouse clicking on […]

Getting Started with Just Macros

Step one is to install the Standard Blackmagic Design ATEM Package suite of software. Just Macros uses the official SDK/API, and therefore requires users to install the official software suite. Please follow instructions from Black Magic Design. Once this is done, or if you are not planning on using a Blackmagic Design ATEM mixer you […]